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scissors MODEL 221
For Sale

NOTE: Back table legs are risers for better display of top.

Illinois residents - please add 7% sales tax to the total cost of the table.

We have had this table produced in the exact copy that The Singer Sewing
Machine Co. made in the 1930's & 40's.  These original table are still being
used today and our tables should last this long also.

The tables are 30" square and 30" high.  The top is hardwood veneer with
polyurethane coating applied for long lasting durability (urethane was not
available in the 30's & 40's).  The legs are square, tapered steel that fold up,
as a card table does, so the table will be able to be put away easily and in a
rather small space.  Your featherweight will fit into the space that is made by
gently pushing the insert piece out and the machine will fit into steel brackets
underneath the top.  This will give you a level sewing space that can cover the
entire table.

This table is available immediately for $177.50 plus $41.50 for shipping. 

Please contact us for more answers to you questions or concerns.



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